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Man Made Giant Tornado & Waterspout for Localised Defence


Giant Tornado / Waterspout Creator

Weapon of Mass Amphibious Landing Forces Destruction, Localized Mass Enemy Soldiers Death within one km sq.

Its built by using 24 Boeing 474 recycled used jets engine to propel Giant Tornado Creator install on oil rig, underground circular man hole, along costal line, on vital routes to City Capital. 


Options Available
1) Giant Tornado Creator place underground with Sodium Azide powders administered at the bottom to create near zero oxygen level atmosphere in localized area. (to destroy enemy troops & stall vehicles advances) - (Install along costal line & vital routes to City Capital)

2) Create Mega Size Waterspout (install on oil rig) along costal line with bottom (100
C) water heater circular plate (radius 50m) added on to block ship entry within shipping route canal or waterways. 

3) Create Mega Size Tornado (install on Land) with help from favorable weather report plus coal fire (500
C) heat up (radius 50m) at the bottom of this device to create artificial destructive weather on the outer wall of any vital defensive object camp site.



30 units of Giant Tornado Creator can be place underground along the coast line of Singapore.

Fine powder of Sodium Azide are bottom feed with 24 Boeing 474 recycled used jets engines help to propel Giant Tornado Creator up to higher the sky to create near zero oxygen level on it surrounding atmosphere.

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